Completed: Thanksgiving Day 2009. Pattern: from Lion Brand Yarn. Yarns: Vanna’s Choice Acrylic in Chocolate, Mustard, Cranberry and Honey, plus the black yarn I unraveled from a failed shawl.

I was totally amused by my very first amigurumi project. I swear I just giggled as I was crocheting it. And what better yarn to use around Thanksgiving than colors with food names?

Why take on a project when it seems like you have no time? It’s never stopped me before. Of course it caught up with me a little bit when I realized that I didn’t have black yarn for the pilgrim hat, so I sat in bed Thanksgiving morning unraveling a shawl that was completed, fringe and all, but which I’d never really liked and knew I’d never wear. The unraveling wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, I figured I’d just pull on one end and go, but instead I ended up with a lot of random pieces and a big pile of yarn.

On the train to my parents’ house, I sewed the beak, wattle, drumsticks, wings and tail onto the head and body. And I got enough black yarn scraps to make the hat, complete with the gold “buckle”. I think I’ll be making another amugurmi soon. Christmas is coming…