Happy New Year!  I’ve been planning out all of the crafting i want to do this year, or more like figuring out when I want to do everything.  I used to buy a calendar every year, but decided to make my own for the new decade. 
I’ve only gotten through May so far because I wanted to buy paper in other colors…
So, I made another trip to Michael’s up on 97th and Columbus and limited it to just an hour and $50.00 this time.  I’m going to see if I can get by with that as a monthly budget.  When I registered at their website they sent a coupon for 40% off one item, nice!  I bought a stamp kit for making cards, so that will show up in a post soon I’m sure.
My first project for the year is Beaded Hairpins from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts and I’ll be using this awesome book a lot this year.
Growing up, I used to bead with my sister Emily and I wish I could find the bead stash and organizer I had then. Somehow we found the time (and patience!) to spend hours separating tiny seed beads by color and stringing flower bracelets onto unwaxed dental floss. I guess my eyesight was much better then, because it was a little challenging this time around with 30-gauge wire.
Just 5 petals and a center and then you attach the flower to a bobby pin. I think I’ll have to send some to Emily soon.