I got my love of lists from my Dad.  His last name is Lisco, but it might as well have been (terrible, cheesy joke coming up): List-o.  Actually, I think he’ll like that joke.  Here are my Mom’s recipe binder (yes, that’s Martha!) and my Dad’s 36-point weekend To Do list.  A sampling:

– #10: load video editing SW on Dell Desktop (it took me a sec to figure out what SW meant, that’s how tech-saavy I am)
– #19: fix washer/dryer water shut-off valves (he also took apart a radio when he was 5 and taught himself how to put it back together a few years later)
– #26: canisters on Generator (huh?!)
#30: insulate ceiling holes in garage (pretty chilly in there today)

On his To Buy list: #6 P16T8 26″ fluorescent light for oven and #9 R13 foil back insulation for attic lights.  I think he should start a handyman business.
My Mom always did crafts and project with me and my Brownie troupe when I was little and my friends still remember her baking cookies for us when we got home.  She also used to make candles, something I’ve been getting interested in here and here.  She may still have some molds left, probably downstairs in their basement/workshop/craft corner.

Hopefully they won’t mind me posting their basement pics; it’s actually really organized right now thanks to my Dad’s #16: assemble storage cabinets in basement and #21: finish basement workshop cleaning.

My Mom also does Peter Rabbit storytime with kids at our local library and volunteers with her church group.  So they like to keep busy, like me!

And thanks to my 2 new overnight followers.  I’m fascinated by this blog:
Οι Συμμορίτες which you can translate right on the page with Google Translate to http://simmoria.blogspot.com/My horoscope fits me I think:
LEON (heart) 
The best tonic for the brave but arrogant and your heart is the Calendula.
Alternatively, we suggest a little melissa necessary to stimulate the heart and soothes the intensity of your demanding roar.