[background paper from Kate’s Paperie]

I was talking to a few friends recently about starting and not finishing projects.  Why does this happen?  This is the beginning of a pink cable knit pillow and the first pattern I tried creating myself.  I planned to do two colors:

Then one evening while having a glass of wine my cat bumped my hand and the glass went flying and spilled all over the cute, little bag I had holding this project.  After drying and cleaning everything I hung it all up to dry and then couldn’t find the pattern I wrote out again.

Then there was this beautiful, soft, blushingly pink angora piece knit from Classic Elite Lush Angora Wool.  I think She Crafty told me that Downtown Yarns sold it a while ago, but I couldn’t find it anywhere after I bought the first hank.  I just googled it and it’s available online from several suppliers.  The shell pattern i used however, is long gone and I’m not sure I have the skills to recreate it myself.  Maybe it can be the front of a pillow and I can just do a simple stockinette stitch for the back.  Lovely yarn though, I wish you could touch it.