We use this word at work and it always cracks me up and defuses whatever tensions are going on.  Do you need a weekend?  Do you want some time for quiet contemplation with Tobey above?  This week’s Time Out New York encourages you to “Find your calm”…

and I’m so glad to see two of my favorite places in the city mentioned as solutions: Lion Brand Yarn and Make Workshop
I talk about Lion Brand A LOT and mentioned the sewing class I took at Make.  Both places have affordable classes in a supportive environment of creative people and I’m all for that.  My first post ever was about The Zen of Crafting. 
So, tonight I stayed in and knit a birthday gift for a party on Sunday, so no spoilers yet, just a few hints: pink, pearl, ribbon.  Even with a minor snag I kept it mellow cause don’t you hate it when an evening of calm crafting goes awry and you start fretting instead of being lulled into a Zen moment? 
So, happy weekend!  What do you do to chillax?