Really, Punxsutawney Phil, you had to see your shadow and run away for weeks and weeks?  I was loving this amigurumi groundhog from Planet June, so cute and innocent, and then you doomed us to 6 more weeks of winter?  You may be the most famous ever, but the other groundhogs don’t even agree with you!

It’s raining in NYC today and supposed to change to sleet, ice, snow… and then a NOR’EASTER by Thursday??  Well, I’m thinking about spring anyway and these flowers were crafted out of sugar by the amazing Sylvia Weinstock.  Here are some closeups (don’t mind the traces of icing from the cake they adorned).  I’m SO into these…

My Valentine’s Eve arrangement reminded me to surround myself with flowers until spring comes (ok, well, *always* would be nice too), so this is my desk at work right now: a white phalaenopsis orchid and orange ranunculus:

I wasn’t familiar with the ranunculus until I saw this beautiful arrangement on A Little Sussy and now I’m definitely obsessed with them.  On my way home last night I got some tulips because I agree with Suburban Zen about buying some for yourself instead of waiting for someone else to send you some.

I also walked by Carlo’s Bakeshop, the bakery from the show Cake Boss on TLC.  I wrote about the long lines that are now outside on the weekends, making it impossible to get in there for a cannoli, but the cakes sure are pretty.

P.S. the animal-directed sarcasm at the top of this post is done waaay better by the author of FU Penguin: Telling Cute Animals What’s What.  I’d go into further detail, but my Mom is reading this, so expletives will be left out for now.

Here’s hoping that spring gets here soon, it will definitely improve my mood, but for now, flowers will have to do.