Today was a gorgeous day in New York City, sunny, warm and very pink for me.  This week’s flower arrangement is with ranunculus.  I’ve gotten a few bunches of ranunculus recently and I’m in love with them, but they’re quite delicate so I’m hoping this bunch lasts through the week.

The stems are kind of wild actually, almost like parsley or celery, and there were a few stray unopened buds that I put in water too, maybe they’ll bloom?  I tried the arrangement in a fishbowl first, but then went with just a simple upright vase as above.

It was a beautiful weekend and we walked around the city for a lot of it, feeling like bears coming out of hibernation.  We happened upon Gotham Fine Yarn and my boyfriend snapped this pic of the storefront while I went in and browsed around.

There was a cute, little table of ladies knitting and chatting and showing off their projects and I fell for this Organic Merino Wool DK from Sublime.

I looked online for a pattern from Sublime and wished I had some of their books or leaflets because I wanted to start something while we watched the Oscars.  I’m usually very bad about testing gauge, but I did a swatch for this Candle Flame Cowl and even though it’s written for a bulkier yarn I loved the way it was knitting up.  This yarn is so soft and gentle, it just flows, so I’m going to go with it. 
Tonight my boyfriend was testing some cookie recipes so we got some more side-by-side kitchen time like on Valentine’s Day.  While my project grew, the cookies appeared and yes, a few disappeared as well….a nice way to end the day.