I liked the bustling flower market where Ashton Kutcher worked in the recent movie Valentine’s Day, but New York has a pretty cool neighborhood too.  I visited in Feb when I made my Valentine’s arrangement, but yesterday I took a more extended trip to research decor for an April launch event.

I’ve been really into flowering branches lately: the pic above is quince and below is plum.

There was also cherry:

and dogwood:

and hm, I forget what this one is, but I really like it, maybe white cherry?

I’ll probably get some of this curly willow:

maybe some white birch:

I also need a few trees and looking for them in the little shops was like being in a forest:

This is a “chicken gizzard” aralia, funny name, cool tree:

and there was a nice magnolia:

A few potted plants may work too:

some azalea:

maybe a ficus or two:

and I’m so impressed that we can grow citrus in this area, even though it’s not quite right for this event:

Then I had to get some flowers for an event that evening.  I LOVE parrot tulips:

and hydrangea and peonies:

these anemones caught my eye too:

and who doesn’t like roses?

I got a lot of pretty ideas for April, but I only needed a few blooms for that evening so I brought back white cymbidium orchids, pink peonies, blue hydrangea and purple phalaenopsis.

and I really heart the quince blossoms, so one last pic: