Wow, it’s been 9 days since the Martha Stewart sewing party!  My other visits to the Martha offices for their Tastemakers Event and Holiday Craft Sale were fun and this was another inspiring night. 

I went with my friend She Crafty, her co-worker Amy and we met another Amy as well. 

The event celebrated the release of the brand new Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts and the book was included in the admission price.

I loved the embroidery section since I’ve been getting into it these days.

This is embroidery with ribbons.

And little fruity cocktail napkins.

I’d like to learn about patchwork.

And quilting: this was a machine that could do it all by itself.

I love this thread from Gutermann: quite strong and such great colors.

These beautiful displays were sooo Martha, looked like they were right from the magazine.

And there was an area where you could make your own tomato pincushion.
This was a station about dyeing fabric with Rit Dye.
And there was one about stamping below.  We also met the talented Lotta Jansdotter who’s teaching a class over the summer about fabric printing, wish I had snapped a pic of her too!
At the end there was a generously heavy gift bag with the book, magazines, scissors, threads, needles, coupons, dye and more!  And the towel on the upper left was machine embroidered at the party.  Now I really have to get started!