Saw a “me in 3’s” post on Trishie’s beautiful blog: Under Lock and Key and it was fun to put together.  So, this is bibimbap, one of my 3 fave dishes ever: rice and vegetables all mixed together with spicy Korean sauce: my lunch today for just $8.50 about 3 minutes from my office: perfect!

But first, please go to the purl bee, the blog for the newly combined Purl + Purl Patchwork store in Soho to enter their online raffle for 4 fabulous crafty prizes!  And if you’re in the area on Saturday come on over to Broome Street for their customer appreciation party to celebrate their big move.  Now for the 3’s…

3 names I go by:
Jenny Kim
3 jobs I’ve had:
Victoria’s Secret Bra Specialist
Editorial Coordinator
Event Planner
3 places I’ve lived:
More than a few in New Jersey
Saratoga Spring, NY
Boston, MA
3 fave drinks:
Thai iced coffee
Korean 2% Energy Drink
Raspberry Stoli and Tonic
3 TV shows I watch:
3 places I’ve been:
Seoul, South Korea
Niagara Falls
3 places I’d like to visit:
Galapagos Islands
3 fave old TV shows:
3 fave dishes:
Bibimbap (above)
3 makeup products I cannot live without:
Mascara (haven’t found the perfect one yet)
3 things I’m looking forward to:
Sauna @ the gym tonight
Boyfriend coming home from a biz trip
Planning a vacation
3 people I’m tagging: