I already know it’s gonna be kind of a stressful week, so I figured I could use a little aromatherapy in my life.  I got some dried lavender at the flower market:

and got out my buckets of melt-and-pour-soap from Majestic Mountain Sage.
For my Valentine’s Day Heart Soap I used clear, but this time I mixed it with some white.  I took a suggestion from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts and bought a mini loaf pan, and I already had some lavender oil from The Body Shop.
Then a little food coloring
and some time to rest, ahhh…
and then there were 6 little, purple bars.
There was a lot of lavender left so while I waited for the soap to set I sewed a sachet with the silk chiffon I got from Mood Fabrics and some purple cotton from Purl Soho.
I hand-sewed it since it was such a small piece and the fabrics were different weights and I didn’t want to snag it in the machine.
Wishing you a peaceful week!