This beautiful tub is in The English Room of The Manor House in Norfolk, Connecticut, where I stayed a few years ago.  I’ve been making soaps and scrubs, so have been wishing for a lovely bath, so how about some of these.
The Oriental from The Overflow Collection by KÄSCH

Morphosis from Jacuzzi

My friend, Alexandra, is blogging about renovatingher home in Red Hook, Brooklyn and will soon have a beautiful view from her parlor level tub

A simple freestanding oval from Waterworks

And my sweet blog friend, Jozen from Lola’s Girl, has a gorgeous master bathroom, lucky girl!

Really interesting glass bathtub from Wasauna

Tub in progress from another home renovation blog

and finally, this Amaltea Amethyst stunner of solid amethyst with
24-karat gold-plated legs from Baldi of Florence for just $190,000.00