The year’s 1/2 over, time for some VACA, but 1st, a look back over 2010 so far.  Sent this card to my sister Emily while she was studying for 1st year med school finals.  My job may be crazy, but as someone told me today: there are very few real emergencies in life (and Emily’s much more likely to face them!)  That’s my usually relaxed cat, Tobey.

I try to catch a few chill moments at work when I can, like this shot from The Museum of the City of New York, the calm before the event began.

Made this amigurumi flamingo for my friend, designer Mika Wyche, and she added it to her family of lovely handmade animals from around the world, I was touched!

Baked for the first time in a looong time: pink rice krispie treats!  Oops, there miiight be a bite missing from the one in the front….

…but in a much more accomplished baking endeavor, my friend, pastry chef Michel, who helped me with this Valentine’s Day project, created this beautiful croquembouche with sugar flowers.

Been really enjoying the ever-changing array of vendors at The Hester Street Fair (seems their site is currently down, but don’t let that keep you away from the fair!)

Posted about seeing the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, loved it, then saw this street art in Chinatown.  Wanna check out Soapstone Gallery’s Graffolution next week, where the exhibitors will include my friend, Miles Wickham, who’s shown his work at Coney Island, The Museum of Sex and even The Museum of Modern Art: check out his site for graffiti tutorials!

Bought some cute, little glasses at Ikea, but alas, a few months later and they have proven so delicate that now there are only 2 left, sigh…

on the up-side, my parents’ dog, Guinness (lower left), enjoyed watching Dug in the movie UP, it just makes me happy.

Got some lovely fabric, not to make something, but….because these are 2 bikinis from Hollister.  They’ve been to the beach one time each, but the season is still young…

…and speaking of clothing, how did the new AllSaints boutique in Soho get a bazillon antique-looking Singer sewing machines for its displays??

and yes, posted about going to The Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, but haven’t done a full report: it felt like just about the hottest day ever….kinda like today.