…in SAN FRANCISCO…That’s where I saw this cool graffiti last year and we’re heading back next week: Justin to speak about cookbooks at the BlogHer food conference, me for some much-needed vacationing, so if anyone has any cool, fun, crafty, foodie SF tips I’d love to hear some recommendations!

I’ve finally completed a (small) sewing project: a little drawstring bag with pink lining and silk ribbon, just in time for the end of National Sewing Month.  It isn’t as awesome as the Wonder Woman costume my Mom made, but it’s a start and the pattern is perfect for my next bout of car crafting and to take some supplies along for my trip west.  What to do with all that plane time?

There was a bump in the road when my worst fears were realized and my beautiful machine jammed: the very thing that had made me hesitant all this time!  Fortunately, Justin stepped in and I didn’t need to carry it into the city for a check-up and she seems to be running well again, phew…

I also had time to package up all the bath fizzies: it’s good to not be working until midnight these days!

I can’t wait to give them to all the hard-working ladies who helped me so much during Fashion Week, thank you, all, I couldn’t have done it without you!