Saturday, December 4th 2010: a grey near freezing temperature day by the Starrett-Lehigh Building that houses the Martha Stewart Living OmnimediaOffices, just a block away from the wind whipping along the Hudson River.

The line for the 2nd year of their Holiday Craft Sale actually didn’t look too bad until I realized it wrapped around a corner and came back the other way, but even the chill couldn’t keep me away from another visit to those hallowed halls.

Almost there…

There was another line to make your own glittery ornament.

And yet another for the 2nd room they added this year.

But in the middle were lots of pretty things, including setups from this month’s magazine.

There were paper flowers by the Martha Stewart team,

and pretty gift tag ornaments from La La Laurie.

Purl Sohohad a great table

and then I bought a MSL snowflake punch from the craft corner and was so inspired by the 50% off a Michael’s purchase coupon they handed out that I headed way uptown to buy some glitter.  And what do you know — another line!

Later on I walked by Carlo’s Bakery, home of the Cake Boss to see more people waiting in the cold.

Guess they really wanted some holiday sweets!

Anyway, it was all worth it…Martha, you’ve stolen my heart again.