It’s a busy party day in NYC: lots of events going on all over and I’ve got 5 to prepare for today.  So, what better time to make 2 dozen holly corsages for the waitstaff to wear?  Anyway, I started crafting and blogging last yearduring the busiest work month possible, I guess it’s a thing for me.

It took quite a large bunch of holly to get enough nice sprigs with berries on them.

And of course I got stuck a little bit separating them out.  And there was definite manicure damage during the process of hot gluing safety pins to each bunch.

But I put on the Glee Christmas Albumwhile I was working to put myself in the holiday mood and now all the waiters’ jackets are festive.  And here’s a peek at my other purchases from the flower market for my next project…happy holly-day!