Yup, the BUST Craftacular wins for best show I’ve been to in a while, biggest and great selection with 2 floors at The Metropolitan Pavilion, nice.

Even Amy Sedaris was there signing her new book, which cracks me up: Simple Times, Crafts for Poor People.  I can’t show what I bought for gifts, but I did buy myself a small present: delicate hammered silver knotted bangles by Baublettes by Bethwho I bought a pretty ring from in April at the Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair.  They’re sitting on a pretty leather journal gift from Hermes, yay holidays!

Also went to the Handmade Cavalcade in a new location at the OpenHOUSE Gallery.

And to the very cool Brooklyn Kitchen to see pastry chef Joanne Chang demo her recipe for a roasted pear and cranberry crostata.

Man, was that good, so flaky and yummy and Joanne really explains the science behind baking for everyone who’s ever wondered what’s going on in the oven.  She’s also just about the nicest pastry chef I’ve ever met. 

The recipe’s in her new book Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe (and her famous sticky buns beat out Bobby Flay in a throw down!) so trust me and stop by one of the Flour locations if you’re ever in the Boston area.  You can also read more about her tasty treats on Justin’s blog.  Then we checked out the Degenerate Craft Fair for a change of pace.

Bunnies painted on a diaphragm case anyone?  Hmmm…and not, but not least, was an event at White Castle to celebrate their hamburger candle (yup, that’s right…)

The proceeds from the sales helped to raise $500,000 for Autism Speaks, wow!  And attending?  Martha Stewart!

And Vera Wang.

Celebs, martinis and fried food for a good cause, I like it.