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A few weeks before my friend Allison’s due date I took More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson for a book test drive: could these little baby socks really take only the suggested 3 hours a pair? Not counting the 12 minutes it took to find the right size needles in my stash, this 1st pic below was taken at 7:30 p.m.

Next by 7:45 p.m.

Then a break to answer some work e-mails that popped up and grab a snack.  By 8:13 p.m. there were 2″ and the leg section was done.

I turned the heel flap the wrong way and had to take a few rows out, then look up the SSK (slip-slip-knit) stitch,

and how to pick up stitches along an edge

since it’s been a while since I knit my last little baby project.
Once the heel was done it was on to the toe.
And by 10:11 p.m. finishing off.
And voila!  One done by 10:38 p.m.  So, already that’s almost 3 hours (with various interruptions) and the 2nd one took about that long too: twice the quoted time, but I need to brush up on my speed.
In any case, I liked this sweet card to go with it.
And always love gift wrapping, especially for something so very small and soft.  It’s nice to use a strand of the yarn for a preview of what’s inside.
There are lots more projects in the book I want to try too: soft baskets (2 – 4 hours), spiral seat cushions (6 hours), socks (more than 8 hours) and more…maybe my time ratio will be a little better next time.