It’s already been almost a week since Easter so I figure it’s time for a recap.  I made this basket from Martha Stewart’s instructions for a pussy willow nest and then bent some stems into a handle and added a flower arrangement

made up of lilac

lily of the valley

and hellebores.

They all smelled so amazing together.

The basket actually took quite a while!

After starting with some older pussy willow branches that I tried soaking to soften them, I got some new ones instead and they were much easier.  Just a few little touchups…

and it was finally done.

There were some little pieces for leftovers, which I always love

and a little arrangement for another room.

Then time to use these candies, stickers and confetti 

for another Martha Stewart project:

crepe paper carrots.  And an egg-shaped strawberry lemonade cake with JELL-O beans.  

Such different size strawberries!

Confession: there was a cake toppling on the way to the party, but my Mom’s Easter bread stayed intact until after the egg hunt

but Mila slept through dinner.