I was so touched when I heard this song covered on the Glee prom episode so I looked up the original by Christina Perri.  She says of the guy she wrote it about that “My heart wanted to see him, but my head knew better”.  
– My friend Bernice says that you can get so lost in a relationship that it’s like when you’re trying to open a jar and forget which way makes it tighter and which way loosens it.  
– Henry’s Mom says that love is being able to fall in and out and back in love with someone over time.  
– Ellaine says that closure comes at different times in different forms.  
– And my horoscope yesterday said that life is full of compromises and in order to be who you want to be you may need to give something up, but to remember that what you’re giving up is something you once wanted very much, so choose carefully.
– So, that’s just some stuff I’m thinking about today, the day before everyone is predicting that the world will end.