I made 11 New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 and now I’ve competed #8: got my 3rd tattoo last week, a phoenix on my outer left ankle.  A recommendation from handmade Quade led me to Joey Wilson of Hand of Glory and his sister shop The End is Near in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  They do custom, exclusive tattoos and piercings and Joey was super patient in collaborating on the design.

This is my 2nd tattoo in Korean: it’s pronounced “na – mahn” and means “just me”.

The 1st tattoo is a purple tulip from quite a long time ago.  Why did I not have the artist sketch it before he inked it into my back?  The follies of youth, I suppose.  But it’s a part of me, as is everyone’s past.  

And I’d post a pic of my belly piercing, but well, summer’s here and it’s time to do a few more crunches first before I leave for vacation…