This is a picture of me with my Mom whose birthday was this Wednesday, July 13.  So tonight I’m baking a cake for her party and just thinking about some stuff that came up this week.

My friend Aimee and I were philosophizing today about The Secret Language of Birthdays, horoscopes, relationships and compatibility.  Very interesting stuff…just read some details on my sign and found a lot of it surprisingly accurate, hmmm…

After a friend posted this video on Facebook, everyone I’ve shown it to is having baby lust.  It’s hard to believe that something could be this adorable.
And being one who usually can tear up at commercials this one for Google Chrome definitely got me.
So, happy birthdays to Mom, John, Lexi, Justin, Jason, Sam, Chris, Mike, Jeremy, Liz, Jennifer, Ellaine, Maria, Peter, Stevie, Eric and many many more!