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SAM_0063NYC is pretty happy this morning with the results of Super Bowl XLVI.  Even though I’m not really a sports fan I’m definitely excited about game day snacks, especially this 7-layer dip from a tasty recipe by Pam Anderson of Three Many Cooks. Layer #1: refried beans, green chiles, lime, spices.SAM_0027Layer #2: avocado and more yummy lime.SAM_0033Layer #3: mayo & sour cream.SAM_0039Layer #4: spicy salsa!SAM_0043Layer #5: sliced black olives.SAM_0047Layer #6: pepper jack cheese.SAM_0050And layer #7: a sprinkling of green onion.SAM_0057I have to admit that the pictures after this point became quite messy, mmm…but I didn’t mind having leftovers this morning — dip for breakfast?  Yes, please.2012-02-06 08.17.27