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C360_2012-02-09-18-05-24I might’ve mentioned that I heart sparkly things, what girl doesn’t.  And no, I didn’t make this, but my friend Diana got me into a fabulously girly party hosted by Royal Asscher. Alright, girls, let’s look at some diamonds…oh and thanks to my friend Helen for the essie.gemcollageYes, we got to try them on: the Shining Stars and Stars of Africa collections feature diamonds floating in silicon, wow….I’ve never seen anything like it.C360_2012-02-09-18-08-34Oh my, was that fun…and the pink Champagne didn’t hurt either.gemcollage2If you really want to surprise your girlfriends just show them a pic like this.C360_2012-02-09-17-56-20And no, I’m not engaged. But that wasn’t going to stop me from browsing.  From their site: “Today the Asscher family name is often used as a commodity term for square-emerald cuts.  The diamond is perfectly symmetrical, with proportions that fall within strict parameters: the Royal Asscher Cut has a high crown and 74 facets – whereas the modern square-emerald cut, and the original Asscher both have 58 facets.”gemcollage3Thank you, Lita Asscher for a beautiful evening.  And if you’re in NYC for Fashion Week you can grab a ticket to The Semi-Annual F.A.B. — Fashion, Art, Beauty — Event at The Flatiron Hotel.

There will be treatments from B Spa Bar, art and styles from emerging designers, entertainment (an electric violinist, an opera singer and belly dancing) and snacks and cocktails; all proceeds to benefit the Toshi Now Foundation, making art accessible to all — fabulous!