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C360_2012-03-19-11-22-42Happy First Day of Spring!

It’s cherry blossom time and the U.S. Postal Service is celebrating the Centennial Year of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC with a new, panoramic Forever stamp on March 24th to commemorate “Tokyo’s gift of cherry blossom trees to the city of Washington D.C. as a sign of growing friendship between Japan and the United States of America.”

The cherry blossoms in my apartment are blooming nicely, but does anyone see the potential trouble Humphrey is about to get into above?cherry6Living with pets feels like I’m in The Hunger Games sometimes.  Thankfully, friends and family have come to the rescue with lovely and fun filled kitten gifts: first from Aunt Jenny.422158_3324523747285_1094123947_3334012_1660575711_ncherry1Then a package arrived….C360_2012-03-19-14-07-06 (3)cherry3from Philly:C360_2012-03-19-14-08-44cherry4with love from Niki, Dan, Brady and Lou.C360_2012-03-19-14-09-31cherry2A total kitten jackpot!C360_2012-03-19-14-11-03cherry5And Lexi visited with 2 gifts: first a feather tail disappeared and now the whole mouse has gone missing so this little guy is on his own.  Guess there was some last night snacking.C360_2012-03-19-23-24-12Thank you one and all!  Maybe this will keep the cherry blossoms safe for a while at least.

Now go see some cherry blossoms yourself!

– Macon Georgia’s International Cherry Blossom Festival: 3/16 – 25

– Washington DC: National Cherry Blossom Festival, 3/20 – 4/27 — the 100th Anniversary!

– The 42nd Jinhae Gunhang Festival, South Korea: 3/27 – 4/7

– Brooklyn Botanic Garden Hanami: 4/1 – 29 and Sakura Matsuri Festival: 4/28 & 29

– Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival: 4/5 – 28

– The 36th Annual Essex County Cherry Blossom Festival, Newark, NJ: 4/7 – 4/22

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, San Francisco, CA: 4/14, 15, 21 & 22

– and of course there are many, many events in Japan