2012-04-12-10.29.21Flowers symbolize so many things.  They can be given in love and regret, happiness and apology, encouragement and sympathy, new birth and sudden loss.2012-04-12-11.30.33A few friends needed flowers recently and each arrangement spoke to the occasion or setting in color and composition, without saying any words at all.2012-04-12-12.03.20Cream and green are soothing, orange and yellow cheering.friend-flowers-collageSoft pink ranunculus for me combined with bright white of the same plus freesia heralded spring friend-flowers-collage-2and wooed new clients at a korean barbecue proposal meeting.  SAM_0012The waitress asked what kind they were and I gave her my card.  Flowers for restaurants someday perhaps?…2012-04-13-19.12.21I wanted a long-lasting arrangement for a quiet office setting 2012-04-18-17.50.42and this one will last forever!  Winward silk flowers made in China look amazingly real and even have a delicate flower petal texture.  No garish, awful, fake-looking shades here, these colors look painted by nature in celadon hydrangea and angelica peony from Silk Gardens & Trees in the heart of the 28th Street NYC Flower Market. 2012-04-18-17.51.42So in they went into a mango wood vase from Thailand I picked up from Jamali.  All in a few days work.2012-04-18-17.51.30