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nybg1Not even having had time to sort through my hundreds of pics from my Mother’s Day visit to The New York Botanical Garden, I headed back on Friday for the members’ preview of their newest exhibition: Monet’s Garden and oh…my…god…nybg-collage-2I can’t even begin to describe in words how breathtaking it is, so I’ll just let you walk down the Grand Allée as I did…from the exhibit: “Monet selected the green color of the shutters of his house; this shade is known locally as vert Monet, or “Monet green”.nybg-collage-3“Impressionist painters often placed strong colors side by side on the canvas rather than blending them.  Monet applied the same principle in the arrangement of his flowers in various parts of his garden.”nybg-collage-4nybg-collage-5nybg-collage-6nybg-collage-7nybg-collage-8nybg-collage-9nybg-collage-10nybg-collage-11They even recreated the famous Japanese foot bridge and I glimpsed a guest almost posing like the artist himself.  And the best part?  The exhibition will change seasonally for the next few months, so I’ll definitely be going back.nybg-collage-12