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At the last BUST Craftacular I had the good fortune of meeting one Bree Chumley of Pittsburgh, PA, whose craft is making custom paper dolls! I was so thrilled to receive mine today based on my 1981 Wonder Woman Halloween costume made by my mother, along with Princess Leia here! (complete with side hair buns 🙂C360_2012-05-21-11-39-46I also told Bree I wasn’t shy about being seen in my underthings and sent a pic of an evening gown I really liked and here’s what she whipped up — pretty nifty! I want this dress in my size.C360_2012-05-21-11-14-25And there are plenty of accessories you can treat your doll-self to like this pink typewriter, cotton candy, roller skates, nachos…C360_2012-05-21-10-48-12and even celebrity friends!C360_2012-05-21-10-53-34C360_2012-05-21-11-00-54I can’t wait to call Bree for the next bridal show or bar mitzvah or other fun personalize-able party I’m planning. What would you look like as a paper doll?  The possibilities (& Bree’s creativity) are endless!C360_2012-05-21-10-43-39