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hester2nd-3Back in May I sold flowers at Hester Street Fair for the 1st time, and the 2nd time was this past weekend on June 9th.There was much prepping and clipping at G. Page Flowers beforehandhester2nd-1then 15 mason jars of flower arrangements.hester2nd-2Setting up the table:hester2nd-4and despite the occasional rainy sprinkles, the 1st sale was THREE arrangements to one customer only about an hour in, yay!hester2nd-5And by the end of the day I was sold out, phew…hester2nd-6
made more new puppy friends too: Pudge on the left, Ruby on the right.  Seriously, how cute is a puppy in a basket? hester2nd-7And it’s always fun to play around with Instagram.