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dad1Thanks to my Dad I know how to:dad3rake leaves, shovel snow, re-sod, reseed and fertilize the lawn, mulch and prune the shrubs, scrape, paint and power-wash windows, siding, outdoor furniture and carpeting, replace roofing tiles, reseal the deck and the driveway, wash and wax cars, make tires shine and gauge their pressure, give a guinea pig and a dog a haircut, bath and conquer a skunk’s spray with tomato juice, grind and brew coffee, hang a straight picture frame or mirror, climb rocks, mix concrete, install cabinets, floor tiles, ceiling fans and light switches, refinish and stain wooden flooring, put together bookshelves, desks, beds, or anything else from Ikea, pack a car with efficiency, solder, caulk, hammer, plane a crooked door, type, make lots of lists, drive, organize the basement, the attic, all of my cds and videos, walk around the city and make sure no one’s too close behind me, tie my shoes, ride a bike and a horse, swim, tread water, ride the waves into the shore, have a garage sale, do my taxes, test christmas lights, lift with my legs, not my back, get the best bargain, find treasures at the dollar store, shape styrofoam balls into a model of the whole solar system, drive (automatic, not stick shift, although he tried), scale a wall (I mean, I’ve been advised, but haven’t put it to the test…yet), fall asleep (warm milk, Baileys Irish Cream, taking my socks off), wake up in the middle of the night and covertly eat the skin off of fried chicken, reheat rice in the microwave without drying it out, love eating, especially when he makes pancakes (although he never eats maple syrup), hoagies, anything grilled, Italian sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches, and whiskey sours, eat ice cream without it falling out of the cone, crack open a coconut, heat orange peel to scent the room, look out every 3rd Thursday in November for Beaujolais Nouveau (yes, I like it, don’t judge). And despite his efforts I never succeeded in learning math, but he certainly tried.dad4He’s made me crafty, creative, curious, dedicated and strong.  Thanks, Dad!dad2