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em1In preparation for a weekend visit from my sister, Emily, I made this anklet & ring set out of pink crystal beads and pink wire.em2It was fun to take a class in June at Brooklyn Charm and since then I’ve been gathering tools and bits and pieces: #craftsupplyhoarder…em3The little charm is a Libra for Emily’s 10/1 birthday.  And pretty packaging is always a must, so a little woven bag from Pearl River Mart.em4There we go.  And then out for the day — it was a HOT one in NYC.em5Oh, what have I been eating lately aside from actually cooking on Monday night?  Glad you asked, clockwise from top left:


Phew.  Ok, well, that’s all from over the last week, but tonight we capped off the day with Emily’s 2nd tattoo: a cute, little heart on her ankle.  Almost made up for not being able to find her size-5 shoes. Hm, I haven’t ever made shoes before, but there must be a class for that.  Somewhere.emIt’s 3 a.m. and I’m headed back up to the roof to see if I can glimpse any of the Perseid meteors.

POSTSCRIPT AT 3:14 a.m.: 1 foot out the door and it was clear there was no visibility, wait is that an oxymoron? no meteor viewing for me, oh well!