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paris-food-2Today is the 7th day of 7 Paris pictures per post but I’m breaking the rule for my favorite topic. I wanted to know if food would really be better there and from simple fruit to complicated pastries I was so pleasantly surprised. As soon as we set foot in the city, Meredith and I headed to Patisserie Pain de Sucre in Le Marais for the butteriest, flakiest croissants and ate them by Centre Pompidou. Everything we got there that week was wow…paris-food-1We started several days in the same placeparis-food-8were gratefully fed after hours of heavy museum viewing at Cafe le Flores for my first real croque-monsieurparis-food-4a delightfully crusty and chewy baguette sandwich at the laid back Eric Kayser Artisan Boulangerparis-food-5of course macarons at Ladurée aux Champs-Élysées and all of the beautiful meats, cheese and pastries we feasted on in our apartmentparis-food-9and so many amazing dinners, first at the quiet, intimate Springparis-food-3outdoors at Les Fables de la Fontaine with many bottles of roséparis-food-6very cozy at La Regalade, how did I not shoot a pic of the delicious complementary terrine that started the meal? Oh was probably too busy with it to pick up the camera.paris-food-7soup poured table side at L’os a Moelleparis-food-12wonderfully fresh ingredients everywhere at the very multi-course Le Chateaubriandparis-food-10and a perfect finish on my last night in Paris Chez Josephine Dumonetparis-food-11