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paper-source-8Everyone has their vices. I may have many, but paper and craft supplies are definitely on the list. NYC Subways are shutting down at 7 p.m. tonight so I’ve got plenty on hand if we all have to hide inside from Sandy for a while. And I don’t mind crafting by candlelight either, feels like ye olden times.paper-source-6Years ago living in Boston I walked into my first Paper Source tucked into the cozy Coolidge Corner area and the addiction started with an accordion book kit. I was on withdrawal when I moved away until the Brooklyn location opened. Then this year another in Manhattan within walking distance of my office: could it really be??paper-source-1 That started lunch hours of just “happening” to walk by and meeting my new personal shopper, Shanti who explained rivets vs. eyelets and let me know when the new neon pink embossing powder came in. Then on Friday I suddenly needed 12 rolls of red double faced satin 1/4″ ribbon in the upper west side and headed to the new Columbus Avenue store and oh my…paper-source-2I’ve always loved their motto to “Do Something Creative Every Day” and that’s been my mantra this month. Very cool that there’s space for workshops in the back.paper-source-4
Had to take a pic of the holiday dachshund paper for my friends Martin, Jess and her cutie Minnie (check out the little dachshund stamp at the bottom of her blog) and Sarah (hers is named Hershey, so perfect!)paper-source-7Next month Kate, Emily and I are hosting a crafting party to make cards for charity and our entries for the Paper Source Holiday Crafting Contest in the categories of Wrapping, Card Making and Décor. paper-source-3I so badly wanted to browse through the gorgeous calendars on the way out, but it was back to work to get through more of 2012, but I know I’ll be back very soon.paper-source-5So what was my creativity for yesterday? I spray painted my IKEA shelf — warning — this is not meant to be an indoor activity, hide your kids, hide your cats…shelf
Today: making jam, if the stores are all closed and anyone’s looking for some food I’ve got plenty. Meanwhile…it’s getting pretty windy out there. Hm.jam