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sprouts-doneConsidering all the food pics I Instagram people are surprised at how rarely I cook. My kitchen ‘skills’ are slow and infrequent, but I’m a very good eater.  However this Penne with Brussels Sprouts, Chile and Bacon was a success: never before have I made a recipe TWICE in one day.sprouts 1I appreciate that Melissa Clark understands you may not have certain things on hand, so I used bacon instead of pancetta, and fresh thyme instead of rosemary.  It all smelled so good with lots of sizzling, browning garlic.sprouts-2I’m a huge brussels sprout fansprouts-3made a dish at Thanksgiving as well.sprouts-4Next, in went a pat of butter, which melted into everything slowly, sizzling softly.sprouts-5Then gluten-free pasta: Pasta Joy brown rice penne by Tinkyada.  I was pleased with the al dente, even slightly chewy texture, not mushy at all as some brands can be.  It gave way gently to the teeth with just the right bite to complement the slices of sprouts that were thicker and softer like the asiago cheese, and the thinner leaves that crisped in the pan like the bacon.sprouts-done-2I ate the whole thing for lunch by myself and doubled the recipe for dinner: I held my breath for the boyfriend’s pronouncement and he said “good”.  This is a lot for someone who never has anyone else cook for him.  And he even ate the leftovers.sprouts-7