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gingerbreadHappy Holiday Season Friday! My Mom, Sister Emily and I had a chance to have a gingerbread house day — first time and even though they turned out a little tilty we had a good time together.gingerbread-1My Dad is the handy one and we are far from structural engineers, but frosting can cover up many things.gingerbread-2And then of course the decorations!  I found so much at Economy Candy: licorice whips, Necco wafers for the walkways, spice drops for shrubs, pastel French mints for the roofs, gummy bears to live in the houses…gingerbread-3also metallic dragées from New York Cake Supply and beautiful gourmet sugar flowers and colorful crystals by Chambre de Sucre, which I love.gingerbread-candyAnd here we go, almost good enough to eat and…gingerbread-collageHumphrey was very curious…humphrey-gingerbreadand even got just a tiny taste of sparkly frosting snow.humphrey-gingerbread-2asdfe