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orange-arrangement-1Food and Flowers: two of my favorite things for sure. Add in the holidays and that makes me happy. I’ve been working with the amazing floral designer Remco Van Vliet of Van Vliet and Trap who creates all of the large scale arrangements for the lobby of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and he recently decorated an entire 5-floor residence for the season. While we were there he showed me how to wire dried orange slices so I decided to make them at home.orange-arrangement-2I tried Sunkist navel oranges, then juice oranges and in a 200 degree oven they took hours and hours. Came out a little brown, so I tried tangerines instead and was happier with the color.orange-arrangements-3So, let’s wire them up! The bunches look best in clusters of 3’s or 5’s:orange-arrangements-4give them a good twist:orange-arrangements-5and fan them all out.orange-arrangements-6Secure to a branch — this was just a nice bunch from the local deli of greens, winterberries and white birch:orange-arrangements-7snip the ends (yes, my shears are pink):orange-arrangements-8and there you go.  They smell nice too!orange-arrangements-9