jewel-tone-flowers-4Happy Holidays! Just how long does it take to create arrangements for an elegant jewelry store? Let’s find out:

Monday at 9:24 a.m.: client requests 7 arrangements for event in 2 days: festive, seasonal tones to match the collection; research begins: choose flowers, colors, and textures, find vases of the right size and shape

Wednesday, event day, 11:30 a.m.: all product picked out at G. Page Flowers and Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies; pack everything into a cab and head to studio (i.e. my apartment)jewel-tone-flowers12:00 p.m.: unpack pink and lavender hydrangea, hot pink peonies, David Austin Darcey roses, Free Spirit roses: orange with just a hint of pink, Hocus Pocus baby red roses just subtly streaked with yellow and long pieces of stock, which smells of vanilla and spices. Oh and carry 7 black vases up the stairs as wel.jewel-tone-flowers-1212:45 p.m.: lunch delivery, quickly eat and multitaskjewel-tone-flowers-8strip leaves and thorns, soak oasis, add preservative, clip endsjewel-tone-flowers-92:00 p.m.: all flowers prepared; portion into bunchesjewel-tone-flowers-11and arrange…jewel-tone-flowers-104:15 p.m.: change and freshen up, pack pink clippers and little watering can, stay fresh after bringing everything downstairs

4:35 p.m.: cab departs for The Mall at Short Hillsjewel-tone-flowers-25:10 p.m.: very little traffic, hooray! unload, unpack, water, fluff, place and polish fingerprints off all vasesjewel-tone-flowers-35:50 p.m.: all set up complete 40 minutes before event beginsjewel-tone-flowers-6Breathe…jewel-tone-flowers-7Repeat.jewel-tone-flowers-5