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reindeerWishing everyone the best with all of the holiday preparations going on this weekend. Just a few days left…so here’s a quick, little craft project. Clearly I have a fondness for reindeer: from cards, glasses, plates, cookies and even crochet for presents so when I saw this on Pinterest I knew what to do with all the wine corks around here.

    • Corks: 2 for each reindeer — bodies a little larger than the heads
    • Twigs: I used branches from the cherry blossoms I had a while ago
    1. 1 for neck (short and thick works best)
    2. 2 for antlers (thin with a little interest at the top is nice)
    3. 4 for legs (extra points for tips at the ends that look like hooves)
    • Decorations:
    1. Pompoms for noses
    2. Optional: tiny bells and cord to accessorize their necks
    • Tools:
    1. Clippers
    2. Bottle opener
    3. Exacto knife
    4. Glue gun

reindeer-assembly-2Start the holes in the corks with the bottle opener and dig out with the exacto knife. It’s a good thing to place the cork on the table instead of in your hand so if you poke through you don’t cut yourself through too!reindeer-assemblyYou can use one hole each for the antlers and pairs of legs, or keep them apart instead. Give each reindeer his or her own little personality. Trim the legs as needed to help them balance and stand.reindeer-group-2I brought one to Katy and Mark’s to hang out up on their gingerbread rooftop (which had much more structural integrity than mine) and two to Jonathan and Eric’s ornament party to trim their tree.reindeer-groupAnd kept one for my own Christmas tree strung with fresh cranberries, garnished with citrus slices dried in the oven and ‘flocked’ with snow made from Ivory Soap. I never knew you could do that! reindeer-done