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soup-doneI’ve resolved to be healthier in 2013 and am filling my fridge with fresh fruits and veggies. The Union Square Greenmarket is always an inspiring place to go and the winter produce is so abundant right now!union-square-vegAbove: clockwise from left, huge maitake mushrooms, romanesco cauliflower and big, beautiful cabbages. Below: leeks, celery, carrots, watercress and sunchokes / sunroot / Jerusalem artichokes, juicy oranges, bosc pears and honeycrisp apples, lovely cherries.healthy-fruits-and-vegAnd how to get lots of these into one meal? I really enjoyed this Sunchoke and Leek Soup with Mushrooms.mise-en-placeI modified things a bit: chicken instead of vegetable stock, basil instead of tarragon, white wine instead of vermouth since I had it all in the house. I also used less liquid than called for, but I was happy the the recipe had no cream and little oil and butter.soup-prepGentle simmering softens the vegetables and the watercress is added at the end to wilt a bit.soup-prep-2I’m such a mushroom lover, they smell great sautéing in just a little butter.soup-on-stoveA few whirs through the blender and that was it: even the cats wanted a taste of this.soup-garnishesThe recipe makes 5 servings that are 280 calories each / 4 Weight Watchers points. Easy and healthy: I’m definitely going to make more healthy things like this.soup-done-2