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felted-groupBefore this site was JenKimMade it was called Craftiness Now: since then I’ve expanded to blogging about food and flowers, etc., but I’ve kept a fondness for crafting. Lately I’ve been needle-felting little animals, like the Christmas penguins, Henrietta Lamb and Buttons the kitten above. And what better way to ‘crafternoon’ than with girlfriends? We had a #pinspired party on Saturday to do projects we’ve been meaning to get to from Pinterest, and everyone had great ideas.craft-tableEmily was the most gracious host and fed us well with lots of savory treats:


Spinach feta puff rolls, sun-dried tomato palmiers and mini crab cakes with aioli by Emily Tong (photos by Hazel Sy), olive carrot party penguin by me (photo by Emily Tong)

and Louisa and Katie followed up with sweets:


Chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake bites, pecan brownies and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes by Louisa So, chocolate covered pretzels with peanut m&m’s by Katie Sullivan Corpuz (photos by Hazel Sy)

I had my felting corner and tried not to prick myself too much on the bunny body below:feltingbut Emily had the most ambitious and brave project: removing the bottom of a wine bottle with acetone, yarn and flame!flameIn a few hours we had many completed projects:


Painted shoes and photo by Hung Chan, paper poppy and photo by Hazel Sy, painted bottle by Louisa So, mimosa and photo by Emily Tong, bunny by me and lacy Valentine’s Day card and photo by Katie Sullivan Corpuz


Chalkboard paint cans, tray and painted vases by Louisa So, wood block picture and mercury glass votives by Emily Tong, yarn-wrapped ‘E’ by Hung Chan (photo by Emily Tong)

Emily and I made the mercury glass with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like spray paint and vinegar, and my pink bunny came home to the other felted animals until they found their new owners: the kitten to a chef for her real-life cat Button, the narwhal to an editor who doesn’t believe they exist and Leopolda in the pink scarf to my college roommate to join her other German white teddy bears.felted-friendsI’m sure this won’t be our last crafting party!

The Crafters:
Hung Chan
Katie Sullivan Corpuz
Louisa So
Hazel Sy
Emily Tong