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pizza-prepLoving food as much as I do makes people assume I know how to cook but I wish I was better: there have been many disasters at my place. But thanks to my college roommate Katy and some other older and newer friends I’ve been learning a lot and eating tasty things on the way.pizza-doughOur pizza making party was a success: 2 kinds of dough made in Katy’s bread maker with lots of healthy toppings and a kale cucumber salad with a dressing made from David’s collection of flavored oils.pizza-toppings-prepMarissa and I have been trying to add more veggies to our diets this year.pizza-toppingsKaty has the techniques down and David has a beautiful convection oven at his place.pizza-prepGolden, crisp and delicious.pizzaNext up a Chinese dumpling-making party:wrapping-dumplings7 people can wrap a lot of dumplings and 3 more were happy to help eat them.cooking-dumplingsWe panfried some and boiled othersboiling-dumplingsand the Chinese broccoli was easy and yummy with just fresh garlic and hoisin, and Katy cooked it just enough to keep it crisp.chinese-broccoliAnd Marissa mixed a dumpling sauce from sesame, soy and chili sauce, mmm….dumplings-doneWe also had a baking night with pumpkin muffins and cookies. Next time? Korean and scallion pancakes. Can’t wait!baking