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citrus-dairy-groupingHappy March! How do you feel about 2013 so far? A good friend reminded me that not everything we hope for happens all at once, some things take time and get better while we wait for them to take shape. So, with just seven ingredients and a lot of patience we’re going to have some tasty things to eat here soon (from left to right):

  • candied kumquats: kumquats + water + sugar + salt (12 hours)
    (recipe from Chez Pim)
  • crème fraîche: heavy cream + buttermilk (60 hours)
    (recipe from Canning for a New Generation)
  • preserved lemon: lemon + salt (25 days)
    (recipe also from Canning for a New Generation)kumquatsFor years I’ve made soothing spiced kumquat preserves for friends with bad coldskumquats-2but this is the sweeter side, with just sugar and a pinch of salt:candied-kumquats-2an overnight steep in the syrup turns the little citrus fruits into what my pastry chef friend Eric calls “such perfect little gems”.candied-kumquatsMy Mother would gasp, but crème fraîche is cream and buttermilk fermented at room temperature in stretches of 24 hours, not once, but twice as in this method by Colleen Hennessey, the “creme fraiche queen” of Suzanne Goin’s restaurant Lucques (as detailed in the Los Angeles Times).  creme-fraiche-2After heating, the cream started thickening in just a little while of sitting out, but we still have a few days until it will be time to try a taste.creme-fraichePreserved lemon takee even longer and won’t be ready until Easter.preserved-lemon-setupLemon + salt + time and I can’t wait to mix its salty tartness into some stews and things in a few weeks.preserved-lemonGood thing the tightly wrapped daffodils from the daily didn’t take as longdaffodils-2to open up into full bloom. What are you waiting for these days?daffodils