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Chandigarh, Silver Joss paper, Japanese paper, watercolor, acrylic and gold leaf on Stonehenge paper, 45″ x 38″ by Francoise Ben Arous, Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, NYC

This Year’s NYC Affordable Art Fair will be at Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street through tomorrow, Sunday, April 7th. Whether or not you’re in the market for some inspiring purchases I recommend a visit. For less than the price of many museums you can view works from galleries all around the world. Just a few of my favorites:


Heart (#19 of 35), acrylic on acrylic by Christopher Martin, Decorazon Gallery, London

Ginkgo detailBIG

Ginkgo, Stainless Steel enclosed in perspex by Michelle McKinney, Byart Art, Cambridge, England


Gyre, Dichroic glass and Light by Chris Wood, Byart Art, Cambridge, England

ByardArt_Elisabeth Lecourt_LeChateauDeau_594 x 841 x 30 mm_2012

Le Chateau d’eau, Map dress by Elisabeth Lecourt, Byart Art, Cambridge, England


A Gift From The Infanta, Freeze dried roses on board, 93 x 93 by Robbie Honey, Blue Tomato Gallery, London


The plants flight, oil pastel and acrylic on canvas, Harukusa Emi, Japan


I Love Paris & Paris Loves Me, Work on Canvas by Anna Coroneo, Vogel Sang Art Gallery, Brussels and New York


Street Photography, Made of Love by Valérie Nagant, Vogel Sang Art Gallery, Brussels, New York