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phoenix-chan“It’s a beautiful day” © Phoenix Chan2013

I love my new postcard print by Phoenix Chan. I’m all for trying new things, constantly really, but I’ve learned to accept certain limitations: I cannot do math. And I definitely cannot draw. So it’s much better to look to others for inspiration, and there was tons at this weekend’s Society of Illustrators and The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts Festival at The 69th Regiment Armory.

moccathumb-120moccafestlogoArt by Michael DeForge

Hundreds of exhibitors, subject matter ranging from demons to fairies to house cats to religious themes and more. I was fascinated with the Origami Comics by Ken Wong, including instructions on how to fold the book into this complex treasure box featured in the story.origami-comic

Loved the illustrations by Matt Huynh and his letterpress business cards by Aldine Printing, images that would make a lovely tattoo.matt-huynh

I bought a very cute comic from husband and wife team Liz & Jimmy Reed with my favorite company name: Cuddles and Rage. But I’m saving the book for a present, so here’s one of their adorable dioramas: “Temptation“.


And I really like this Penguin Comic by Teylor Smirl, a little freebie from her table.teylor-smirl-cartoon