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E-card made on Paperless Post

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the mothers I’ve known, to the ones celebrating for the first time this year and those who will be mothers soon: I wish you a day of love and appreciation. I’m very grateful to have known such special women in my life.

My Mom has taught me so much: how to identify flowers, set a table, make bunny cakes, keep a lovely home, (try) to be patient and understand someone else’s views.

momLexi has known me since I was nine years old and before she adopted two babies from Korea, and now they’re all grown up too.


My dear friend Sydne, also the mother of a son adopted from Korea, has written a heartfelt article about her son’s other mother’s, and inspired me to think of my own.


My Korean foster mother took me out of an orphanage and into her home for three months and we reunited in 2008, 30 years later.


And there is one picture missing here: the birth mother I’ve never met. I don’t have a before or after. So maybe I’ll meet the woman who had me someday. Until then I’ll appreciate all that I already have.