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altOh my, what a day! So much inspiration, creativity and bright COLOR in the room at Alt Design Summit last Thursday, June 20th in NYC. I was treated to dinner and a bountiful gift bag the night before hosted by atly at Tía Pol, a great, tasty kick off to the conference and I was so happy to meet and mingle with fellow attendees.atly-dinnerI’ve known Kate of Koru Wedding Style since kindergarten, so what better friend to go to something we’ve been dreaming about doing for so long? When we I arrived at the Martha Stewart Living Headquarters it was a bright and bustling room that greeted us.alt-summit-craftsCrafters were crafting friendship bracelets, needlepoint and a personalized salt scrub.alt-summit-3It might’ve been hard to settle down so much excited chatter, but everyone was excitedly anticipating the Opening Keynote address by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge. Then to introduce the American Made panel was Martha Stewart herself! There were cheers, squeals and the sound of many cameras and phones clicking pictures.alt-speakers

So many good tips to think about!

    • Clockwise from top left: Grace Bonney (Design*Sponge), Martha Stewart, Pilar Guzmán (Martha Stewart Living), Kathleen King (Tate’s Bake Shop), Bob McClure (McClure Pickles), Garance Doré, Jen Lee Koss (Brika)
    • “Keep asking for what you want from who you want it from. So many things are more attainable than you think they are. Don’t be afraid to ask.” ~ Grace Bonney, Design*Sponge
    • “When you’re brought to your knees that’s the only time when you can learn and grow and see. Take the emotion out of the decision making process, not the passion.” Kathleen King, Tate’s Bake Shop 
    • “Get out of your own way; don’t let the business run you.” ~ Bob McClure, McClure’s Pickles

Loved the slides illustrated by Garance Doré who has done illustrations and photography for many fashion brands:alt-slidesWe were well fed throughout the day with breakfast, lunch, snacks…alt-foodand a party to complete the day, cause there ain’t no party like a Martha party! and this one was decorated with new party goods by Martha Stewart of course.alt-partyalt-photoboothSo many fun, new faces:alt-biz-cardsand so much fun free things to play and create with: what to do first?!alt-swagAfter ALT I’m inspired to:

  1. work on a business plan and marketing for my business: Jen Kim Creative
  2. do more networking with fellow bloggers and industry folks
  3. launch a new floral concept — coming on Monday!
  4. get back to crafting: it’s been a while and now I have 4 rolls of washi tape!
  5. work more on my photography, including today with friends in Central Park (sun, please come out!

What are you working on right now? Happy Friday!