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flower-cupcakes-7Happy July!

SEVENTY-FIVE people I know are celebrating birthdays this month! In my last post about being inspired by Alt Design Summit I promised a new floral project, so here’s a quick tutorial for a little present: flower birthday cupcakes!


  • Flowers: 7 carnations + 2 stems spray roses (about 8 flower heads)
  • Jars: I used the 4 oz. quilted crystal jelly jars from Ball
  • Floral supplies: Oasis foam, medium-weight wire, thin floral tape
  • Cake supplies: paper cupcake liners and birthday candles
  • Ribbon

flower cupcakes 1

  • Fill a bowl large enough to hold Oasis foam with room temperature water.
  • Drop Oasis foam in water and let fill and sink naturally — do not push down.
  • Once foam is completely submerged and floating, remove and place on plate to catch excess water.
  • Place jar in middle of foam round and press all the way through to the other side.


  • Keep a mounded shape to the foam and mold a bit with hands, don’t squeeze too hard or you will lose a lot of water that the flowers need to drink!
  • Insert carnations throughout.
  • If you want to pull out a flower to change its position, make a new hole in the foam. Oasis works best when a flower stem is securely nestled in its hole.


  • Fill in and add texture with roses.
  • Fold wire in half and wrap gently around candle, bringing ends together at bottom


  • Place arrangement inside paper cupcake liner and tie with ribbon.
  • Secure wire-wrapped candle with a small length of floral tape, pulling as you go. Floral tape holds better and sticks to itself when stretched.


  • Insert candle into arrangement, making sure all tape is covered with flowers.


  • Check arrangements at eye level: if any green from the Oasis foam is showing (like in the examples below) shift flower petals as needed.