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katy-cakeSo much in the news this past week has people discouraged: is there justice? Is there hope? Senseless things happen. People specifically cause them, there are accidents, there are tragedies. It’s almost too much to take.

I want to make pretty things and make people happy, inspire, soothe, what-have-you and relieve some stresses even for just a little while; sometimes with a quick picture, sometimes with a gift, which can last longer. A friend’s wife doesn’t like flowers because they die, but I prefer to think of them providing beauty that lifts us out of the everyday, even just for a short time. Otherwise it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle…days pass, years…

I surprised my college roommate with a Flower “Red Velvet” Birthday Cake and she said “I pass it every day on my table and smile”. The stop and smell the roses cliché is key here for just about 2.5 minutes. This video makes me happy and I hope it does for you too. Appreciate every day, hold your loved ones close. Be safe, everyone.