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Photo by Yun Wang

You *may* have heard about the Rain Room exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. I say may because it’s been quite the craze here in NYC with visitors waiting for hours (and I mean 6, 7, 8 + hours) in the rain and in last week’s incredible heat and humidity.moma-rain-room-signsIF you can still get in before it closes THIS SUNDAY, July 28th, I do recommend it as long as you bring a good friend like Yun and snacks like Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies with Bulleit Rye. Even with Yun’s membership helping us with special admission hours and a separate line it took quite a while to get in.moma-rain-room-shadowsTen people are let into the Rain Room at a time for 10 minutes. Special sensors detect your body when you’re walking through and no rain falls on you from overhead, unless you’re wearing very dark colors or walk too quickly.moma-rain-room-3I also have a video on Instagram where you can hear the falling water, and on Youtube with a more moody song from the Audio Swap feature. moma-rain-room-groupsMy pics of Yun:
moma-rain-room-jumpAnd the kind museum attendant’s pic of both of us:moma-rain-room

Definitely makes me think of this video, although the technology is much more dazzling now than years ago: