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pesto-completeWhen I think about summer the smell of fresh basil immediately comes to mind. A beautiful bounty of leaves was only $2.50 at the farmer’s market and it just loves to hang with tomatoes and mozzarella classically.pesto-ingredientsI’m also working on getting as many veggies as I can lately so I was craving peas and zucchini.pesto-ingredients-2Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, garlic and a little ricotta made their appearance, as from this recipe from Top with Cinnamon’s blog.pesto-ingredients-3For pesto, whir up the basil leaves, Parmesan cheese pine nuts and garlic with olive oil: best ratios from Simply Recipes. pesto-mixingSaute grated zucchini and peas, and we like this gluten-free rice pasta even though I’m back to eating gluten again.pesto-ingredients-4And done: an easy, fresh and healthy, fast, inexpensive dinner for Koru Kate and me on a beautiful summer evening.pesto-complete-2